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Dilworth Summit



2018 05 04 at 19 50 49 

This was my first venture out with my daughter this year. My daughter, her friend and myself spent the night on top of the peak of Dilworth Mountain. It’s super easy walking access on a windy paved road that climbs steeply up to the radio towers.

 Because my daughter brought her friend I stayed in a hammock nearby which has a built in mosquito net and the kids took the tent. It was the first ever time camping for the young lady accompanying us and she was very excited.


 When you are on top of a mountain and you have nothing to do it forces you to take a step back and appreciate the beuty that surrounds you. the beuty can come in many different forms and especially when it's pointed out to you by a nine year old.

 I shot a few time lapses on this outing - a sunset, overnight, and sunrise. As per usual I was in a bit of a rush to set up the sunset shot as I never quite reach my destination soon enough. It’s always a challenge to try and expose for the pink clouds long before it happens.


 2018 05 04 at 20 07 08

 In this case I was using a Tokina 11-16 lens with an  aperture - F7.1, Shutter Speed - 1/50S  and ISO 100. I usually start by over exposing a bit as the sunset will be darker than the current light. A higher aperture value means a greater depth of field while the slower shutter smooths out the wind effected grass and branch’s. As a side note if I had used a smaller aperture (which is represented by a larger F number) I would have got fingers of light coming off the sun. You can see a bit of this at the 10 second mark but not as pronounced as if I would have used an even smaller aperture. 

  We all see things differently and as we grow older the obvious is often overlooked. Experience teaches us what to expect but it’s often the most unexpected that makes the adventure. In this case the time lapses turned out to be rather unremarkable but the adventure created was appreciated by all of us.


2018 05 05 at 07 00 57 2018 05 05 at 07 10 47

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