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Where does the process start? In a nutshell….


We’ll ask you to fill out a short digital questionnaire that will help familiarize us with your project. We’ll follow up with thoughts from our end on how we think we can best serve you. If our services are a good fit for your project then at this point we’ll have the basics such as what your message is, who your demographic is, and we can start brainstorming how to deliver your message most effectively. We can usually provide an accurate quote or infrequently an estimate depending on the number of variables in your project.


Paul Cotton Films will work with you on producing a script, finding talent, props, locations and logistics and of course shot list/storyboards.


We shoot your project with high quality camera’s, audio recording and lighting.

Post Production

The footage gets logged digitally and archived. If required we usually read the script in-house prior to having it voiced professionally. We source music/soundbed if required. Then we can do a rough cut and be sure our vision and message is as it needs to be. Then the project gets polished and wrapped in a shiny silver box full of ones ands zero’s and delivered. Unless of course you want it delivered on VHS in which case we need to talk….