Back to the Future - Drought Mountain

2018-09-29-at-18-00-23 Sneaky place for a pond on Drought Mountain

On April 27th I popped down to Vancouver Island to shoot a FortisBC + BC Ferries LNG bunkering. Here's a photo of the bridge of a BC Ferries vessel which is totally irrevelevant to this blog post but cool.

The bridge has a mirror image with red LED's on the other side - depending which direction it is sailing. Very Star Trekish.

On the return trip I was rubbernecking the Coquihalla Connector decent down into Okanagan Valley..... always spectacular..... when I happened to see a cave far above in the bluffs on Drought Mtn. I suspect this might just be a boy thing but I'm always intrigued by caves. I should note that this isn't the obvious big cave that's above Highway 97 and below the Connector.

Mission spawned. I'd be back in the near future. The following day I plotted a route on Google Earth to Drought Mtn which is sandwiched between Glenrosa and Peachland. Armed with a snack and a drone I was off. The following pics are a mix of the April 29 day trip and Sept 29, 2018 camp.

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Miserable Mission


In the summer of 2013 I hiked into Divide Lake in Okanagan Mountain Park on a cell tower access road. Divide is a  narrow lake near the summit that's wedged between two large rocks that resulted from some unpleasant tectonic rumblings. We spent the night at Divide lake and then dropped down the western slopes for 90 minutes to Baker Lake. It's the largest lake in the 10,000 hectare park and has a delighful little tent spot. It's ridiculously remote and terribly appealing.

Divide Lake

Filthy Divide Cabin

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